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Trust and Betrayal

Quick question, who do you trust? Trust impacts us in everything we do. Impacting our lives in a way that few things do. Think about it.

Do you trust your car to make it to the store and home again?

Do you trust your employer to pay you for the work you do?

Do you trust your doctor to prescribe the right medicine for you?

Well I think you get the idea. So what is the opposite of trust. Is it betrayal? Have you ever been betrayed? When I think of betrayal, I always think of Judas Iscariot. He is probably the most famous person to be known for betrayal. Or maybe you think of Benedict Arnold from the revolutionary war.

So there you have it, Trust and Betrayal.


The first thing that I think we all need to the confidence to trust yourself. Stephen Covey calls it personal credibility. He teaches that there are four elements of credibility. The first being integral. Basically doing what you say you will do. You know the promises you make to yourself. Like I will work out tomorrow. I will save 10% of my paycheck for a rainy day. When you do not follow through with these promises to yourself you erode your own self confidence. It might be better to not make the commitments at all.

Self-Trust is the first secret of success... the essence of heroism.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

The second is intent. The impact of intent on trust. In other words what is your motive. The motive that inspires the greatest trust is caring, genuine caring. If you believe a person, a company or a country really cares about you then you probably will trust them. You may say they are coming from a 'good place'.

The third is capabilities and competence. The belief that the person, car or what-ever can do what they say they are going to do.

The fourth is the track record to proven results.

Back to the betrayal business, I believe that the intent of the person is the key to this point. Examine the intentions and you may be able to make a good determination of whether you can trust or not.

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