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Healthcare Innovation Champion | EMR Solutions for Exceptional Care

I'm a passionate entrepreneur driven by the power of technology to transform healthcare. With over 10 years of experience, I've spearheaded the development and launch of industry-leading Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software. My solutions have positively impacted millions of patients across the US and UK, implemented in over 200 hospitals and 5 NHS trusts.

Key Achievements:

Innovation First: Launched the first-to-market EMR software, streamlining processes for healthcare providers.

Proven Results: Increased company revenue to over $100 million, demonstrating the market value of my innovations.

Award-Winning Leadership: Recognized for excellence with 5 IBM Beacon Awards, the Enterprising Women Award, and the Edward Lowe Foundation Michigan Companies to Watch Award.


Patient-Centric Vision: I'm committed to delivering cutting-edge EMR solutions that empower clinicians, improve patient outcomes, and elevate the overall quality of care.

Let's Connect!

I'm eager to discuss how innovative EMR solutions can benefit your organization and help you deliver exceptional patient care. This version uses clear and concise language with a focus on results and impact. It maintains the key achievements while removing overly folksy terms and emphasizes the business value proposition.

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My Story

Join Rose as she will help you Unleash Your Inner Innovator: A Cross-Industry Masterclass in Breakthrough Thinking.


Are you ready to break out of the box and spark innovation in your industry?

This isn't your typical "innovation for dummies" class. We're diving deep into a cross-industry exploration of the most powerful frameworks and techniques used by leading innovators across the globe.

No matter your background, you'll learn how to:

Harness the power of "outside-in" thinking: Discover how looking beyond your industry can unlock groundbreaking solutions. Unlock hidden connections: Learn how to identify and leverage seemingly unrelated ideas to create game-changing innovations. Master the art of rapid prototyping: Turn ideas into action with practical tools for quickly testing and iterating on your concepts. Develop a culture of innovation: Learn how to foster creativity and collaboration within your team.

Here's what sets this class apart:


Real-world case studies: We'll dissect groundbreaking innovations from diverse industries, from healthcare breakthroughs to disruptive retail experiences. Actionable takeaways: You'll leave with a toolbox of practical methods to implement immediately and drive innovation within your organization. Expert-led instruction: Our instructor is a seasoned innovation leader with a proven track record of success across multiple industries.


This class is perfect for:

Leaders: CEOs, managers, and anyone responsible for driving growth and competitive advantage. Intrapreneurs: Employees with a passion for innovation and a desire to disrupt the status quo. Problem-solvers: Anyone facing challenges in their industry and seeking creative solutions. Invest in your future. Invest in innovation.

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Please reach out to me to talk about how innovative EMR solutions can help your organization deliver exceptional patient care.

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