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Mom's Help can Help Mom

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Being a coach is a proactive way to assist customers to create needed changes in their lives, helping like as a mom is quiet different. Here, I am referring to guiding someone, not as a revenue-producing endeavor but as a contribution to the human race.

The people in a community grow when people who are highly adept and successful in the ranks decide to create and disseminate the best in them to others. In the professional world and in the trade associations this practice is common place. At symposiums and conferences you will see these award winners giving out their methods and secret sauce to the masses. Why you may ask?

Being a mom is a lot like being a mentor on steroids...

You will learn. When you teach a course, coach someone or share experiences you end up learning more yourself than anyone else learns. You will keep you finger on the pulse of the times.

You gain perspective. What is transferrable from one generation the next versus what is not transferrable. So many great biographies are worthless in terms of others' development and growth. They focus on sensational and entertaining nuances of the persons life, this makes for a great read. However, when you mentor or mother you gain the perspective of what is relevant to the next generation.

Helping your family develops your thought leadership. It is driven by love and not by ego. Therefore your thought leadership is enhanced. You are in the realm of the greater good.

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