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Healing the Hardware of Your Soul

Dr. Amen wrote a book called 'Healing the Hardware of Your Soul' in 2002. This book is timeless. As he begins this book he quotes the 'Bard' - you know William Shakespeare. And I quote his quote 'The brain is the soul's fragile dwelling place'.

There is a brain soul connection, so says Dr. Daniel Amen.

There is a mind and heart connection, so says Dr. Joe Dispensa.

Both of these doctors and prolific authors, agree on this. To put it simply, there is a feedback loop between the brain and the soul, or the mind and the heart. I have an exercise for you. The next time you feel anxious, lay down on a couch, bed or the floor. Put one hand on your head and the other hand on your heart. Stay there for about 3 minutes. You will notice that your anxiety will dissipate. You will notice that your mood will elevate. And finally you will be in a surprised and happy state of being. Surprised - because you will be in awe that you were able to change your state so quickly and easily.

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